I remember when I brought my first official Sony video camera back in 04. Hustling into different clubs in NYC and getting to know security and promoters. Then working with different artists on their projects. I’ve put in some time in the entertainment game. It’s still a hustle but not as much as it was. These are just some of events we had the privilege to cover. Thanks to everyone that’s help keep @nowwutdotcom going. We appreciate it. Stay tuned , there’s still more to come.

You know I had to walk in with my brosky @mr_camron last night. @myfabolouslife brought him out . #thepartytour . I have to give a shout to the @lilkimthequeenbee and @bigfendi . I boogied in with them . @artisthbtl . Look at @sugadugga15 walking like he about to perform, lol @sencity730 @miami_kar_ts as always thanks to @britishthetitan and @iamhislady34 for having the credentials ready. #Dipset #dipset4life shout to @paulcainsf for keeping things moving.

We celebrated his life today at #ruckerpark . #longlivegregmarius #ripgregmarius @gregmarius1 . A true Harlem legend. #1of1 . He’s legacy will live on. @ebcruckerpark won’t be the same without the Greg smile. He was loved by all. We miss you my friend. Thanks for all you’ve done. Rest well. @nowwutdotcom certified! @buttabuttaworld3 @main4event @hannibal_ebc #gusto @voiceofharlem #shanethedribblingmachine ๐Ÿพ oh yeah #fuckcancer @revolttv

This truly hurts, he was one of the great ones. @ebcruckerpark #GregMarius . #ripgregmarius @gregmarius1 . From the first day we met he showed Nowwut so much love. Always ready for the camera. No matter where we saw each other , @nba Allstar , concerts , parties , we always greeted each other with a smile , a pound and shoulder hug. I’m truly hurt about this. He touched so many people’s lives, professionally and everyday. Peace and understanding to his family. #1of1 rest up my brother this was with @rakimgodmc . 2 legends rp @slamonline Greg Marius, the founder of Rucker Parkโ€™s Entertainerโ€™s Basketball Classic, passed away 4-22-17 after a battle with cancer. He was 59.