I just spoke to you in Dec , you came up to ny in that new toy. You told me that day you had #Cancer and you was good. you said you was going to handle it like a G. I still remember the day we was kids walking home in the BX and we only had enough money to get KFC biscuits , lol You had me living that life when I was out there in Bmore tho. Your bday party was crazy that year , it was lit until them boys locked you up for wilding in the Marriott , lol @bmoresnoop bday party was crazy, @djkhaled @officialboosieig @webbietrill @acehood . I went out there with my boys @deli_cash #ripdelicash @bminusdabull @almost_rich . You showed us so much love out there. You were truly my brother for life. It crazy , I was in the hospital getting surgery today and I get the message you passed away in a hospital today. I will never forget you my brother. Condolences to @cadiofromstatefarm @jnelletherealtor @arcadiocarmona75 . I have so many stories from back in the day. This one really hurts . #fuckcancer #riptroy #ripbmores #rips @dinkodee176 thank you my brother @mr_camron @dipsetb He was #TheWire in bmore 🏾 love to all i havent told , life is too short.