I hope everyone is checking out what’s going on outside of the US. #Trump is about to take us to war with everybody! #Russia #northkorea #themiddleeast . #nuclearwar is going to f@ck us all up if it happens. I don’t know what the #illuminati game plan for this is but one thing for sure is that the unenlightened will suffer. Is this just a game to get the people scared so the governments of all in involved can take more control of their lives? We are living in a new world for sure.

He definitely needs a few days of torture . I know he’ll get it in jail if he’s taken in alive. So if someone catches him slippin, and you’re able to get him tied up and gagged. Please take time to watch the video so you can get any feelings of remorse out of your head for this f@cker so you can take time and really go mid evil on this pussy. He should have metal splinters in ever hole on his body with gasoline poured on them. Just make sure he stays conscience so he can feel it. That shit was some real f@ck sh!t . Sorry to his family that had nothing to do with his actions. #riprobertgoodwin