#flashbackfriday #fbf #ideclarewarconcert , how ever you feel about this man, he hasn’t beat his wife , he hasn’t raped any woman , he hasn’t beat or touched his or any other kids. He has no cheating scandal . He says things most black don’t agree with but that his choice. I’m not worried about Kanye , I’m worried about these inferior minded people who become Police and take out their aggression on us. But hey , that’s just me. @kanyewest #kanyewest #nopartiesinla @rocnation #jayz #diddy #lebronjames #nas #ti #jadakiss #bunb #neyo #thelox #memphisbleek #rocafella

I just saw @plies response to this and was thinking the same thing. We know black men are feared in this country. That’s why at times unarmed black people are shot by police. Think of this , you go through police training that brain washes you to think a certain “type” of people are criminals. So when you’re in a situation that involves that type of person, your first instinct is kill them before they kill you. Now when a person who is not of that “type” does anything wrong, your mind doesn’t see them as criminals but as misguided or sick individuals that need help. So instead of having the intent to kill them, you want to rationalize with them and bring them in ALIVE. That’s the the way it is , plain and simple. I do feel if he was of that “type” , we would most likely heard “the Waffle House shooter was found and killed by officers as he was trying to escape today” , what you think? #wafflehouse

I just spoke to you in Dec , you came up to ny in that new toy. You told me that day you had #Cancer and you was good. you said you was going to handle it like a G. I still remember the day we was kids walking home in the BX and we only had enough money to get KFC biscuits , lol You had me living that life when I was out there in Bmore tho. Your bday party was crazy that year , it was lit until them boys locked you up for wilding in the Marriott , lol @bmoresnoop bday party was crazy, @djkhaled @officialboosieig @webbietrill @acehood . I went out there with my boys @deli_cash #ripdelicash @bminusdabull @almost_rich . You showed us so much love out there. You were truly my brother for life. It crazy , I was in the hospital getting surgery today and I get the message you passed away in a hospital today. I will never forget you my brother. Condolences to @cadiofromstatefarm @jnelletherealtor @arcadiocarmona75 . I have so many stories from back in the day. This one really hurts . #fuckcancer #riptroy #ripbmores #rips @dinkodee176 thank you my brother @mr_camron @dipsetb He was #TheWire in bmore 🏾 love to all i havent told , life is too short.